My university

I am a student of this elite university and I would like to tell about it.
Kazakh National Technical University (Russian: Казахский Национальный Технический Университет) is a leading technical university in Kazakhstan. Kaz NTU – is the main “producer” of the quality technical professional community. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan officially gave a special status to the university. The history of the Kaz NTU lasts about 70 years; it is a history of the national technical intellectuals’ dawn and development, it is the history of science, education and culture in our country.
Nowadays, Kaz NTU – is the most respected and largest scientific-educational centre of the professional technical graduation of students, who are being taught in the government languages – Kazakh and Russian. There are 150 professors and doctors of science, 400 senior lecturers and candidates of science, 40 academicians of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other branch academies.
The conditions for the professional education are perfect: the best university’s library, internet-classrooms, sport structures, comfortable hostels, military chair.
The university trains professionals in oil-gas production, metallurgy, machine-constructing; specialists of informatics, automatics, chemical technology, paleography, economics and ecology, and also reserve officers of the Republic Armed Forces.
Kaz NTU is well-known in the world. In 2003 the B.I.D. selection committee (Paris) granted our university, the only one IHE (Institute of Higher Education) of the all post-soviet countries, with the International Gold Star Award for Special services of training best specialists, High quality of education and dynamic development.
Today, there are more than 10 thousand students, undergraduate and post-graduate students who are studying in our university.
Kaz NTU consists of 6 institutes, which are the main educational and science centers of geology, oil-gas industry, mountain metallurgy, machine-constructing, technology and ecology, informatics and information technology, engineering economics and natural humanitarian.
The Kaz NTU also provides exchanges of students/lecturers/post-graduate students between IHE in the world: Texas and Oklahoma (USA), Freiburg (Germany), Shimany (Japan).

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