Differences in technological progress between East and West

In my opinion, orientation of Western technologies is manufacturing: about 60% of the technologies are focused on a massive productivity and profits. Meanwhile, the orientation of the Eastern technologies is to serve the needs: productions, based on Eastern technologies, make people’s lives much easier and comfortable (SEE DIAGRAMS #1 and 2)
Here is the list of mass-consumption products in the English-speaking countries and the Asian countries (by the end of 2007).
As you can see through the list, 80% of the Asian (where English language is not official) countries are improving technologies of the people’s well-being. The Republic of Kazakhstan is one of these countries.

Nevertheless, the progress in Japan is more advanced than progress in USA. But we shouldn’t just compare EASTERN AND WESTERN Technologies by these two dominant countries. However, English-speaking countries, as a whole, have more chances to be ultimately dominant countries, due to their unity and universal speaking language – ENGLISH. But, Asian countries, including the Republic of Kazakhstan, also have advantage – Asia, from ages, is the epicenter of enlightenment and education. So, East “has rights to” be dominant and technologically advanced.


Nevertheless, it is nonsense to compare technologies of these two Parts of World, because they differ from each other by mentality and philosophy.

To sum up, I would like to quote Rudyard Kipling: “East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet”.

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